5 Things That Really Get Me Going

In my last blog, I told you my story about how I ended up writing. So now I thought I would share with you the 5 things that really get me going … when I’m writing that is!!

What were you thinking I was going to share???? Ha ha! Such dirty minds out there! I love it!!

The 5 things that really get me going are my own strengths and when you use your strengths, your God-given talents, and you incorporate that into your work, you will love what you do! I write because it’s what I love to do! I don’t just love it either, I mean, I really LOVE to write with my entire being. If I had the choice to sit in the corner of a room and write or meet Josh Duhamel, or Adam Levine, or Blake Shelton, guess what I’d do?

Wait!! Wow – that was a really bad example, a little extreme even, because those are three damn sexy men and I’d sort of be a fool if I didn’t choose them because that’s a once in a lifetime kind of deal! But you get what I’m saying right?

So back to the 5 things, the 5 strengths that really get me going when I’m writing:

  1. Learner – Writing requires research about people, places, and just things in general. Not all characters are rich, they need to work and you can’t write about an attorney without knowing the basic attorney lingo or what if you had a plot about a murder in the state of Florida from twenty years ago? You’d need to learn about the state sentencing laws, statutes of limitations, courthouses, records, penitentiaries, etc. Writing gives me the opportunity to learn as much as I can about anything and everything!
  2. Ideation – My second highest strength is ideation. I may have a photographic memory, but my ideas are photos too, flashing through my mind with a shutter speed faster than the Canon EOS Rebel camera. With writing, I can use my ideation strength and think about new ideas, characters, plots, create mysteries and scandals and everything else in between. How cool is it that I can make shit up while still doing what I love to do?
  3. Input – I doubt I would ‘short circuit’ without input, but I do thrive on it! Now that I have the ideas, I can’t wait to tell you about them. I can’t wait to bring my plots to the page and describe my colorful, complex characters to you. I want to tell you what they look like, where they live, what they are wearing, and who their friends are.
  4. Responsibility – You might not think this aligns very well with writing, but you know what? Now that I have my first book out there, I have a responsibility to all of you, my readers, to continue bringing you stories, to tell you what I’m working on, and to blog about stuff that may or may not appeal to you. Oh – and let’s not forget those sexy pictures on Facebook and Twitter! Yes – even that is my responsibility!
  5. Achiever – Okay, now you know the real me! I sometimes hate this word because it gives off a persona that really isn’t me. I’m not a mover and a shaker like the Thesaurus might tell you – but I like to check things off, mark the box that says I accomplished something. Writing and publishing a book are officially checked off my list and now I can’t wait to check off book 2.

So, there you have it and now that you know the 5 things that get me going, let me tell you about 1 other thing I know for sure: Each and every person has a gift, a talent, something they are so good at doing that nothing else makes sense. We just need to believe in ourselves and do it! We only have one shot at this thing called life, so do what you love to do!

Okay, now it’s your turn! Comment on my blog about what you love to do, or what it is that you are you so good at doing that you could never imagine yourself doing anything else. What drives your passion? Why do you do what you do? I can’t wait to hear from you!