The Stem Series Trilogy

Stems of Affliction

Samantha Andrews has been living a secret life for ten years. Her heart aches for those she was forced to leave behind and for the two things she believes she can never have: true love and a family to call her own. When Jake Morgan enters her life, he unlocks her inner spirit, satiates her physical desires, and vows to love her without realizing a killer lurks in the shadows of her past.

The harder Samantha falls for Jake, the more she recognizes she must tell him everything. But when his own past begins to haunt them, Samantha is torn between running to him or away from him. Determined to move forward with her life, she knows she must tell him the truth. But will her deception be met with understanding or will her long-held secrets place them both in danger?

Stems of Inception

Stems of Inception begins right where Stems of Affliction left off—with Jake and Samantha on their knees. Jake has just proposed; Samantha, unable to continue with her deception, has just confessed that she’s not who she says she is. Afraid her story will tear their intimate, passionate relationship apart, she’s reluctant to say more.

Finally, Samantha reveals her traumatic past. Jake, determined to help her resolve her past so she can move beyond it, hunts for the truth struggling to balance his love with his anger over the lies—and his physical passion for Samantha. Feeling guilty for hurting the man she loves, the man who has fulfilled her every desire, Samantha takes matters into her own hands, searching for clues about her past on her own.

In this intense erotic romance, follow Samantha in her journey into danger as she uncovers shocking facts: maybe her father knew someone was coming for him—and maybe he’d been trying to tell her

Stems of Completion

After the passion of Stems of Affliction and the perils of Stems of Inception, Samantha has said yes! Yes to marrying Jake, yes to never keeping secrets, yes to the man she loves…but her promises are about to be tested.

In this, the third of the Stems Series Trilogy, Jake finally feels ready to confront his past, but he doesn’t count on the intensity of his anger, a fury even his beloved Samantha cannot ease. Desperate to help, Samantha intervenes and uncovers a secret. Caught between her devotion to Jake and her pledge of silence to another, tensions between Samantha and Jake reach the boiling point.

Then a shadow from Jake’s past falls across their lives. Someone wants Jake to suffer—and the best way to break a strong man’s heart is to hurt the woman he loves.