Reader Reviews

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“I am on chapter 16 and I don’t want to put it down.  I need to get things done or I would just sit and read the rest!!!  You are a writer!! I have read many Sandra Brown books and this is as good or maybe even better!!”       ~Sandy

“My wife is 3/4 of the way done with your book.  She loves it!”     ~SO

“Your book is so well written.  I’m on Chapter 33 and love it.     ~Marge

“Congratulations! I loved the book, devouring it in a couple of days!  I look forward to your next book, to hear the next part of this story.  I’m a fan. Write on!”   ~Dawn

“I really love it.  It’s suspenseful.  I keep trying to guess what will happen next.  The descriptions of the characters are fantastic.  I can’t get enough of the characters and enough of the plot.  I can’t wait for the next book.”     ~Kim

“I LOVE what I am reading.  I feel like I’m IN the conversation.  The character development I just love.  It’s truly amazing!”    ~Michelle

“So you got me hooked.  When is book two coming out?  It was very good.”     ~Emily

“It is sooooooo awesome!”     ~Sam

“Oh my gosh!  Chapter 12, it’s really good!”     ~Brooke

“Just finished the book.  It is very, very good.  Your use of dialogue is excellent.  Easy to ready.  Not clunky or rambling.  You are an excellent writer.”  ~BT

“I started it last night, couldn’t put it down!  I loved it!!”     ~Tiffany

“My wife finished the book last night and she loved it.  On to book 2, chop chop!”  ~CK